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Do you know your purpose?

What would it look like for a community to be excited about where they are in life and where they’re going? What would it feel like?

Imagine the transformational impact this DARING concept could have not only on the individual, but families, workplaces, organizations, and entire communities.

Sound like a pipe dream?
Not with Mary Miller on the stage.

Mary Miller
Inspirational Force

Described as an inspirational force with a much-needed message…

Inspirational Force

Mary is on a mission to ignite joy and refresh the dreams of our youth that lies within all of us – empowering audiences everywhere to embrace who they’re made to be and live braver, bolder lives with passion, confidence, and clarity.

Mary’s message is the heart-warming, jaw-dropping, tear-jerking, soul-stirring talk perfect for anyone wanting the raw, unfiltered truth about building a life you love.

“When Mary Miller speaks – everyone listens, when Mary Miller laughs, everyone laughs. She speaks from the heart and connects with her audience in ways other speakers could only hope.”


Cincinnati Business Courier


Mistakes made.

Lessons learned.

Inspiration found.

Picture this…

It’s Christmas Eve, and instead of being swept up in the festive spirit, a single mother of three receives an eviction notice.

This grim reality was only the latest in a string of misfortunes that had Mary spinning her wheels in quicksand the year she turned 30.

No job. No dependable partner. And soon, no home. Yikes!

Although painful, this harsh reality revealed that she was living her life on the terms of others. The relentless “you should do this” and “you should do that” was proving to have a wildly low success rate and only pushed her farther from the life she wanted–needed.

Mary Miller Inspiration

“To help create positive change in others, you must first find
the catalyst for positive change in yourself.”

Where there are obstacles,
there are opportunities.

Where there are dreams,
there is hope.

Realizing that tasks in life can be the gateway to bigger dreams unseen was the catalyst for Mary’s Oprah Winfrey “Ah-Ha” moment that set her on a path to become the influential figure she is today.

Mary is an award-winning business woman, sought-after keynote speaker, and a published author. Some of her awards include:

Honorary Doctorate
in Humane Letters

Career Woman
of Achievement


Family Business
Hall of Fame

Most notably, the backbone and driving force behind the success of JANCOA Janitorial Services. This Cincinnati-based commercial cleaning company unequivocally changed industry standards for employee-first practices with the creation of The Dream Engineer. This program later inspired Matthew Kelly to write, The Dream Manager–a collection of stories based on JANCOA’s success.

The power of dreaming

…by the stories

Testimonial Picture Testimonial Picture

“Being surrounded by strong, intellectual, driven women gave me the push I needed to help me pursue my real estate license. I have always been passionate about real estate, which is evident for the past 30 years as the executive director of a membership organization for commercial real estate. Five years ago, I decided to step out of my comfort zone, to become a licensed agent. I am beyond blessed with my choice. I am living proof that is never too late to follow your dreams.”

Stephanie Geiser

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With a lot of hard work, a mountain-moving faith, and a dash of luck, the Mary today has experienced a triumph of epic proportions.

Her life transformed from one of being a victim of circumstance to that of purpose and fulfillment. And she’s ready to ignite joy in the hearts and minds of others to reveal a future that captures their passion and purpose.


Get more out of life with Mary’s content

Inspirational Force

Mary Miller is for the
people who want
more in life.

Stop settling for what you have and claim more joy, more love, more laughter, and more fun.

Inspirational Force

As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Mary pulls back the curtain and shares personal and professional experiences that inspire audiences to overcome their obstacles and reveal a vision of their future–capturing their passion and unleashing lasting joy.

Dream BIG

Mary Miller is the embodiment of the “Dream Big” mantra and with her as your guide, your audience will experience greater clarity on how to connect their dreams with your talents and skills to give back to the world in a way that’s uniquely and authentically YOU.

Dream BIG

Mary Miller

“Life becomes so much more fun when you’re willing to dream, dream big, and do something different to get something different.”

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