Changing Direction:
10 Choices That Impact
Your Dreams

Too many people fail to take control of their lives, allowing themselves to fall victim and accept whatever happens. When you choose to dream—and defy the naysayers all around —you can change direction and accomplish nearly anything you set out to achieve.

In Changing Direction, Mary Miller lays out 10 choices anyone can make to impact their dreams.

Mary describes how she first seized control of her life in 1987 as a then-30-year-old twice-divorced single mother of three. She explains how she later found the fortitude— and support—to buck conventional wisdom and change the direction of the family business with her husband, Tony.

Changing Direction Book

Addressing their biggest obstacle…

To address their biggest obstacle—turnover —they began encouraging people to achieve their dreams and developed The Dream Engineer program, a world-renowned initiative helping employees identify dreams, set goals and work to reach a better future.

Changing Direction weaves Mary’s amazing personal story of triumph and transformation with 10 practical choices you can make today in order to move from victim to victor.

To get started, all you have to do is dream.

“Mary has single handedly changed the way I am running my business along with changing how I look at the industry we are in. Thank you for writing this book and making it OK to Change Directions.”

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